ELIAblog has moved

28 October 2010

Now at www.elia-artschools.org

ELIA has a new website. The ELIAblog has been integrated in it. This means that the wordpress blog will cease to be active. We keep it open for reference.

The blog about the NEU/NOW Festival can also be found at www.neunow.eu


Languages through lenses 2010 will be launched at the Prix Europa Festival in Berlin next week.

The films made for this year’s competition can already be viewed at http://www.prix-europa.de/pe10/languages_through_lenses/

Read more about the project at www.languages-lenses.eu

ELIA turned 20 today!

5 October 2010

20 years ago, at the conference Imagination and Diversity in Amsterdam, ELIA was born. Those were momentous times. During the preparations, the Berlin Wall came down. When the conference started on 3 October, it was also the day of the German unification. And one year later, we were first accross the Iron Curtain with the Strangers and Brothers conference in Budapest. It seems like a long time. Actually it’s just 20 years.

The ELIA Newsletter went out today. In it, we update you on the NEU/NOW Festival and the Biennial Conference. We announce our 20th Birthday and our new Deputy Director, Schelte van Ruiten. Also, we commemorate Tan Mei Wha, who played an important role in the founding process of ELIA and in the first years of ELIA’s existence.

To read it in full, click here.

Peer Power in print

22 September 2010

The artesnet project will officially end on 30 September. The findings of three years of collaborative work have been gathered in artesnetEurope: Peer Power! The Future of Higher Arts Education in Europe. After months of hard work, the book is now running off the presses. Joke, our designer, put these pictures on her blog today to give us some foretaste:

(click on the image to see more)

In today’s newsletter of the Faculty of Arts and Architecture, formerly IvOK, Leuven, dean Peter de Graeve reacts on the bill on Higher Education recently approved by Flemish parliament. In the new policy guidelines, the position of art schools in the binary system of universities and polytechnics is redefined: a status aparte as Schools of Arts, with links to both universities and polytechnics, is proposed instead of their present status as polytechnics. The dilemma is comparable to the Dutch situation discussed in the post below. Read the rest of this entry »

This is the second report on Higher Arts Education reviewed here, after the 2009 report of the Austrian Wissenschaftsrat. We’re searching for recent reports from other countries in order to get a more detailed overview of HAE systems in Europe at large. If you know one, please contact floris.solleveld [at] elia-artschools.org.

Higher Arts Education in the Netherlands has always had a sort of special position. They never had university status; the Netherlands have a binary system of universities and “polytechnics” (“hogescholen” or HBO), but art academies are the only institutions that can pre-select, and the work load is much more at university level. Like in other countries with binary systems (Belgium, Germany, Austria, Norway, Finland) this system has been subject to shifts and debates as a result of the Bologna Process. Although the Dutch were quick to adapt to the bachelor/master system, the new relations between universities and polytechnics have remained an open issue and so has the particular position of art academies, sometimes described as ‘polytechnic-plus’. Read the rest of this entry »